Lyceum International

Lyceum International Education takes care of all the requirements you’d need to study medicine at Lyceum Northwestern University under one umbrella.

Lyceum Northwestern University takes the utmost care not only for the money and time you spend but also the ambition and anxieties of your family. We know and understand your concerns. And we care about you! We are a team of experienced professionals in the field of education who have helped a number of students and their parents fulfill their dream education

We offers services which no other educational consultancy in South India offers. Apart from helping with the admission process, we also help you with:

Our Services:

  • Bank Loan guidance.
  • Flight Journeys/VISA Procedures.
  • Safe Stay with South Indian Food.
  • In House Online Free Tuition.
  • Free access to Medical Websites to learn Anatomy and Surgery.
  • Regular visits with students - our counselors visit the campus periodically to check with the students and their well-being.